Investing in Thresholds

We are a nonprofit community of missional leaders and coaches doing all we can to help fuel this sacred movement. We graciously ask those we empower to give what they can for the help they receive and that helps fund this ministry. But your tax-deductable investment in our lives and mission will enable us to coach even more leaders to catalyze more communities of faithfulness in more places of great need. We are eternally grateful for your partnership.

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Click below to give safely and sustainably through automatic bank-to-bank electronic checks or by debit or credit card. This is the giving method we recommend.*


*Online giving significantly lowers administrative and environmental costs and puts more money where we all want it to go…into the work. That’s why we recommend it. And of the different ways to give online, by far the most cost-effective way to give is through bank-to-bank transfers, sometimes called electronic checks. It‘s safe, secure and super efficient. Consider giving it a try!

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