Eric Purcell

My passion is to connect people to the good they are made to do in the world!  I am an entrepreneur, a community leader, and a coach. In each of these arenas my deepest desire is to help people live fully connected to themselves, to God and to their vocation. I am especially drawn to other entrepreneurial leaders who want to create new enterprises that will serve the common good.This typically involves discovering and clarifying vision, navigating transition,and stewarding vocation. 

I’m also a co-owner of the Myrtle & Cypress Coffeehouse, the director of Gifford Park Soccer Camp, and I lead Rooted Way, a prophetic community committed to embodying Christ’s presence in the Gifford Park neighborhood in Omaha, NE. I followed in the footsteps of parents who were pastors and missionaries and I have served in full time ministry for over 20 years as a pastor and missionary. I graduated from Midland Lutheran College in 2003 and hold a Master’s degree in Theology from Creighton University. Along with my wife Lisa and three children, Norah, Brennen and Lachlan, I live and minister in our Gifford Park neighborhood.