Helping people reimagine faith and community through

coaching and spiritual direction

creating spaces of discovery
curating a community of spiritual nomads

Thresholds is a community of coaches and guides who help people unearth their deep longings and discover new ways of living fully and embodying the Spirit of Christ right where they have been placed.

The Thresholds team are all experienced player-coaches. Our coaching, spiritual direction, and training has been shaped by decades of on-the-ground experience in diverse settings across the world. We have forged new paths and accompanied thousands of people as they are stepping out of the confines and comfort of what they have always known and into a sacred and sometimes scary spiritual wilderness. We have created communities for these nomads, we have led them and been shaped by them, and we have helped others form communities of faith and discovery in the spaces they inhabit. Each of us has stepped across a threshold into a new way of living our faith and we’ve given our lives to help others find their way and cultivate a a refreshed faith.


Thresholds Staff, Coaches & Guides

Rob Yackley


Amber Ayers

Eric Purcell


Laurie Yackley

Jaci Swigart

Chris Kamalski


Global Immersion Leadership

Jon Huckins


Jer Swigart