Thresholds Cohorts are collaborative learning communities for people ready to step across the ragged edge of conventionality and reimagine what it means to live, soulfully, imaginatively, and courageously

Something is stirring deep within you. The structures you’ve lived within—and perhaps even helped create—feel increasingly ill-fitting for the road ahead. Your heart aches to be unleashed and renewed. You sense an invitation from the Sacred Voice to dream and to discover a new way of being in the world. You are ready to step across a threshold into the unknown, with fresh imagination and great hope.

But going alone is risky. Deep life change is disruptive and destabilizing, and it can be lonely too. Into the Wild cohorts offer you space to lean into your longings with the encouragement of like-hearted dreamers and spiritual/social entrepreneurs. Facilitated by trustworthy guides who have walked unknown paths for decades, Into the Wild flows from the core conviction that creativity, clarity and resilience are found in the company of a discerning community.

Our lives – like all of nature – unfold in an on-going cycle of seasons, each with their own unique purpose and challenge. In the midst of this living ecology we offer four seasonal cohorts.

Into The Wild: AutumnBe free.

In the season of autumn we learn to let go of our broken ways of thinking, our entangling and unhealthy relationships, and the worn-out structures that wear us down and hold us back. Together we will lean into autumn’s paradox of dying and preparing for a new season of life. We’ll shed the weight of others’ expectations, find beauty in the midst of loss, and prepare our souls for new life

Next Autumn cohort starts the week of September 12, 2022, (day/time to be collectively determined)

Into The Wild: Winter: See clearly.

In the stillness and quiet of winter we invite you to reflect deeply on the life you’ve lived, on your identity and vocation, and begin to reimagine a new way of being in our world. You will gain clarity on who you were created to be, what you’re good at, what’s truly important to you, and what you really want. We will help you create a Life Map to help you better see where you’ve been and a personal Life Compass to help you navigate the road ahead with clarity and conviction.

Next Winter cohort starts the week of January 8, 2023 (day/time to be collectively determined)

Into The Wild: Spring: Co-create.

Step boldly into the life you were made for and learn how to partner with God to create spaces of welcome, restoration, and community. Sharpen your adaptive skills to help you engage culture more naturally and co-create new expressions of hospitality and belonging. We’ll learn to cultivate Life and Light in our messy and divided world as we learn to live more fully into our hopes and dreams

Next Spring cohort starts the week of March 27, 2022 (day/time to be collectively determined).

Into The Wild: Summer: Celebrate life.

Summer is a season of celebration. If you have participated in any of Thresholds’ cohorts, workshops, or retreats, we invite you join us at the KINEO retreat center in the coastal rain forest of Puerto Rico for a 5-day road trip designed to refresh your body and soul. We will feast, hike, swim in the Caribbean, explore magical Old San Juan, and linger long in the presence of the Divine. We’ll swap stories of grace and learn to create sacred rhythms of life to better live, love, and lead in the way of Jesus.

Next Summer cohort retreat will be Aug 1-6, 2022, in Puerto Rico.

On each of our 6 cohort calls we will draw on the wisdom of those who have gone before us, the shared wisdom of the cohort’s participants and guides, and on best practices… ancient and contemporary.


$295 per season. The Into the Wild seasons flow from one to the next to complete a natural cycle, but you can participate in any season that best addresses your needs. Group and peer coaching are included at no extra cost throughout the cohort and personal one-on-one coaching and/or spiritual direction are offered at discounted prices to help you leverage what you are learning in the cohort, gain greater clarity on your calling, and to help you take tangible steps into your divine vocation. Scholarships may be available as needed.

Because we value learning in the context of community, we also offer 50% off the price of any cohort for your partner, spouse, teammate, community-mate, or potential community-mate.

The summer season takes place at the KINEO retreat center in a tropical rain forest along the southeast coast of Puerto Rico. In addition to celebrating God’s goodness and cultivating new and sustaining soul practices, the annual retreat is also designed to cultivate an on-going Into the Wild learning community. Towards that aim, Into the Wild alumni are invited to come back year after year to connect with their friends and the wider Into the Wild community. There is no additional cost for this retreat except for what it will cost you to get there plus $100 for all the beverages and shared meals that we will prepare together in KINEO’s cool little outdoor kitchen.

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