Community for spiritual nomads


Between two worlds

It is not an easy time to be a follower of Jesus. Whether fueled by lingering doubts, the dismantling of beliefs that once nurtured your faith and gave you a place of belonging, toxic leadership structures within the local church, the re-emergence of Christian nationalism or other corrupting theological frameworks, the reality is, spiritual disillusionment, disorientation, and isolation abounds. We’ve felt it. We’ve leaned into it. And we’ve walked alongside countless people through this this spiritual wilderness that can feel both liberating and frightening.

If you find yourself without a spiritual community that makes sense to you anymore, but you’re not quite ready to give up on God or abandon your faith, we invite you to join our community of spiritual nomads.

The Spiritual Nomads community will offer…

  • Space to process your questions
  • Curated writings and resources on the issues you’re wrestling with
  • A monthly live zoom call to talk about relevant topics in this cultural moment
  • Access to Thresholds’ coaches and spiritual directors for more personalized guidance

Join the Spiritual Nomads Community