Jessica Connolly

I help women embody their authentic wisdom and courage, and focus their power into meaningful action, influence and contribution to the world. The wisdom and courage you need for the next part of your journey has been beautifully and thoughtfully formed throughout each of your life experiences.

Holistic personal development coaching acts as a midwife to bring forth the life that was meant to be lived. As a coach, I help you explore the wild edge of courage and growth through the big and small moments of your life, and discern how to contribute meaningfully to the world through your authentic voice, work, leadership, and ideas.

Additionally, as a mother of four daughters and formational community leader, I have a passion for holistic family formation. I offer a coaching track that will help you build your tribe culture through weekly practices and rhythms, live from meaningful shared values, and discover who you are when you’re together so you can impact your community and the world.

I am also a Leader Breakthru approved coach and—utilizing Leader Breakthru resources—I coach leaders through each of these developmental experiences:

TRAC: Helping Christ-followers clarify where they are in their development
TRANSITION: Helping you survive and get all you can out of your in-between moment
CALLING: Clarifying life direction and the values that guide you
CONTRIBUTION: Discovering your unique influence
CONVERGENCE: Helping you to run the race so as to finish well

In addition to being a certified coach, I have a Masters degree in Biology, I am a certified birth doula, and I have helped create several small social and spiritually progressive business initiatives in and around Ocean Beach, San Diego where I live with my husband Clayton and our mighty daughters.

Contact me for a free discovery call to explore how holistic personal development coaching can create transformative momentum towards your future as an individual and as a family!