Thresholds Cohorts. Learning communities for people creating and leading embedded communities of faith and reconciliation.


A movement is rising around the world as followers of Jesus are stepping across the ragged edge of conventionality and into expressions of faith community that are committed to presence, hospitality, reconciliation, and transformation. Yet these creators and leaders are often without peers, a wider learning community, or experienced guides to help them on the journey.

Thresholds Cohorts provide a collaborative learning community to help these pioneers begin, deepen, and sustain their practice as an embedded community of faith and reconciliation.


Though many of us are inspired and richly informed through books, seminars, conferences and in higher education, we still need the sustained support of experienced guides and a learning community to create a clear, actionable and comprehensive pathway forward.

Thresholds Cohorts are a transformative approach to forming leaders and their communities where participants:

  • form relationships with like-hearted community leaders.
  • are trained within interactive learning environments, led by experienced guides who provide extensive personal coaching.
  • gain spiritual nourishment and encouragement for their journey ahead.
  • are immersed in practice-based instruction that moves the learning beyond the classroom and into the neighborhood.
  • receive holistic training that is it affordable and accessible in today’s changing ministry landscape.


  • We will gather 4-5 times over one year in a host neighborhood.
  • Each gathering will be two and a half days (starting on either a Thursday or Friday evening)
  • At least one gathering per year will be in an off-site context within the same region with the other gatherings taking place in the host neighborhood.
  • Between each gathering we will offer 1 all-cohort conference call and 1 personal coaching call as well as assigned readings and tasks designed to implement our learnings.
  • Total Cost Per Participant: $2,250* (not including travel, lodging, or meals). Spouses are 50% off. Participants are encouraged to seek support from their faith community and other supporters to help cover the cost. *The price may vary slightly depending on length and number of gatherings.
  • Cohorts will be limited to 10-16 participants to enhance interaction and learning.


Each of our face-to-face gatherings will engage the concepts and practices that are critical in forming and stewarding an embedded community of faith and reconciliation. We will engage these topics academically, conversationally, and experientially in the context of homes and neighborhoods. We will explore topics like the ones below in a sequence that addresses the challenges that naturally unfold in this divine pursuit:

Becoming Sacrament
Reimagine what it means to be the image of God where we have been placed and what it takes to live as a sign and a symbol of God’s loving presence.

Inhabiting Place
Learn how to see your neighborhood with spiritual and sociological eyes and to live as Jesus did in his hometown… as a deeply embedded and reconciling neighbor.

Embracing Sojourners
Deepen your awareness of who you and who you need around you as you offer hospitality and extend a radical invitation into community.

Life Together
Discover ways to press through community myths and pseudo-community and how to live into a deeper and more transformational way to engage one another in community.

Sustaining Practices
Explore spiritual practices and communal rhythms that have been used in communities around the world to solidify, strengthen, and breathe life into their communities.

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