Thresholds Cohorts are collaborative learning communities for people ready to step across the ragged edge of conventionality and reimagine what it means to live, love, and lead in way of Jesus



Something is stirring deep within you. The structures you’ve lived within—and perhaps even helped create—feel increasingly ill-fitting for the road ahead. Your heart aches to be unleashed and renewed. You sense an invitation from the Sacred Voice to dream and to discover a new way of being in the midst of radically shifting culture. You are ready to step across a threshold into the unknown with fresh imagination and great hope.

But it’s risky going alone. You can easily lose your way and your faith may falter.

Into the Wild offers you space to lean into your longings with the encouragement of like-hearted dreamers and social entrepreneurs. Facilitated by spiritual-cultural guides who have walked unknown paths for decades, Into the Wild flows from the core conviction that clarity and resilience are found in the company of a discerning community.


    This 16-week cohort experience designed to help you:

    • Engage the wisdom principles and proven practices drawn on for millennia to navigate the road ahead
    • Renew your soul as you commune with God in the “wild” – the uncharted way of life and that awaits you.
    • Discern who God is shaping you to become in the midst of uncertainty
    • Gain perspective on the changing shape of culture and develop critical adaptive skills
    • Reimagine what it means to live, love, and lead in the way of Jesus

    1 One weekend immersive experience to nurture our connectedness and allow the experience of a place to shape us.

    2 Two personalized wild ritual experiences co-created by you and your cohort coach to animate and cultivate God’s transforming work in you.

    4 Four online seminars crafted to expand our understanding of who you are and what it takes to thrive in the wild.

    6  Six personalized coaching sessions designed to help you live with soul, gain personal clarity, and take tangible steps into your calling.

    Cost: $1,500

    Participants can also raise tax-deductible contributions from friends, family, churches and organization to help cover the cost of the cohort. This price does not include lodging or meals during the weekend retreat which will vary depending on context. But we will make every effort to make it an affordable and memorable experience!


    We are targeting the Fall of 2019 to kick-off our next Into the Wild cohort. We begin cohorts when we have a minimum of 12 leaders ready to roll!

    11 + 8 =