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Thresholds offers a variety of formational learning experiences throughout the year in places like San Diego, Seattle, Colorado Springs, Omaha, Dallas, Minneapolis, and Chicago.  Our learning labs are designed to help people find their voice, clarify their calling and contribution, develop a more robust spirituality, and live embedded lives of faith and reconciliation.


Just as a compass guides us through uncharted territory and helps us plot a course to find our way, the Life Compass learning lab will help you navigate a path into your unique life-giving contribution in our world. This experiential, coach-guided workshop will provide you the opportunity to pause, to reflect on where you’ve been and who you are, and help you step more confidently into your unique future.


A 2-day workshop that helps us discover our deepest longings and core motivations, our unique strengths and our core vulnerabilities. The Enneagram offers a powerful window into our personal development, how we see the world, and how we can best interact with it.


This 4-part workshop is designed to help people live deeply and influentially in the places they have been placed. We’ll lean into and explore the practices of Listening, Submerging, Inviting, and Contending as four of the indispensable skills everyone needs to know and live if they want to be good news in their neighborhood.


This is a 6-month virtual learning experience that culminates in either a 1-week immersion experience on the San Diego/Tijuana border or a 2-week immersion experience in Israel/Palestine. TGIP seeks to cultivate everyday peacemakers through exposure to conflict transformation skills, immersion into global conflict, listening deeply to conflicting narratives, and learning how to become everyday peacemaking in the place you live.


In an ecological system, every plant, animal, and element is influenced by the others. In this Learning Lab, you will learn how to become a local expert of your neighborhood’s “ecology”. As you follow God’s lead you will become a student of your place, you will minimize the risk of damaging critical elements of the “local ecology” while imagining redemptive ways to partner with God’s work of restoring broken places an awaken them to hear, see and respond to the movement of God in Jesus.


Better Together 

A retreat-style workshop for couples at any point in your relationship journey. Using insights from the Enneagram, you will explore how each of the 9 Enneagram Types interacts with another type in a committed relationship. You will discover how our beautifully imperfect relationships can be celebrated and esteemed for what they are, and for what they can become.

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