Melissa Wilcox

I have worked as the Administrative Director and Treasurer for Thresholds for six years, since its inception.  I am also a certified life coach and I’ve studied the Enneagram personality typing system extensively. I have led and co-led many workshops on the Enneagram and I have a passion to help people understand their Type, (including the deeper nuances of their type), and to help people grow into their fullness as individuals, communities, teams, and as influencers of others.

TRAC: Helping Christ-followers clarify where they are in their development
TRANSITION: Helping you survive and get all you can out of your in-between moment
CALLING: Clarifying life direction and the values that guide you
CONTRIBUTION: Discovering your unique influence
CONVERGENCE: Helping you to run the race so as to finish well

I am also certified in the Keirsey Temperament Sorter and certified as a lay counselor. I live in Golden Hill with my husband, two busy boys, one baby girl, and a community of friends doing life together in their urban neighborhood. My favorite pastimes are reading and getting outside with my kids.