Nick In’t Hout

Nick In’t Hout (“Nico”) coaches, trains and accompanies innovative community leaders for their long term flourishing. He loves to help entrepreneurs and their organizations pursue God’s dream for their lives. 

Nico helps people take their next step with confidence. Through his One-on-One coaching relationships, group training programs, and by speaking at events, he’s helped hundreds of people and their organizations gain momentum and become more fully alive.

I am also a Leader Breakthru approved coach and—utilizing Leader Breakthru resources—I coach leaders through each of these developmental experiences:

TRAC: Helping Christ-followers clarify where they are in their development
TRANSITION: Helping you survive and get all you can out of your in-between moment
CALLING: Clarifying life direction and the values that guide you
CONTRIBUTION: Discovering your unique influence
CONVERGENCE: Helping you to run the race so as to finish well

He is the Southern California regional mission leader for Resonate Global Mission, cultivating holistic mission networks for the flourishing of the Inland Empire. He’s also on teaching faculty of Oak Valley College and serves on the boards of a number of local non-profit entities as together they invest in the common good of their neighborhood and city. Nick, and his wife Julie, live with their 4 kids at the intersection of Campus Ave and Church St in Redlands, CA.