The back-to-back deaths of Alton Sterling and Philando Castile alongside the deaths of the Dallas police offers are a defining moment in the history of the United States. Our black brothers and sisters are out of breath while our white brothers and sisters are finally asking the question: What are we to do?!

While I’m not certain that the black community can wait for the white community’s learning curve, it is absolutely critical in this moment that we move our understanding of racism in America beyond surface level and into the depths.

In what follows, I offer a learning journey for my white brothers and sisters.  I’m grateful for my black friends and colleagues who have offered grace and patience with me through my own learning journey and have helped me develop this pathway.  It by no means is a comprehensive pathway, but it is an important beginning.

Friends.  Please take this journey.  Listen long and be changed by what you hear.


Involuntary Servitude -> Mass Incarceration

Culture of Suspicion


For Evangelicals

Connecting Past to Present: Violence Toward Black Boys

Connecting Past to Present: Violence Toward Black Churches

  • Documentary: 4 Little Girls (view entire film)
  • CNN/ NY Times coverage of Charleston Shootings



Jer Swigart