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Thoughts from friends

Thresholds lives what they teach. They offer exceptional gifts of vision-crafting and creative implementation that inspires leaders to find and live into their strengths and help transform their world.
Christiana Rice, NieuCommunities Director
"Thresholds brings wisdom forged through years of cross-cultural and grassroots missional community experience to bear in any context they engage. They understand culture and they know how to inspire and mentor young leaders to live incarnationally and authentically. - Paul Rhoads, Associate Director, Soul Formation.
Paul Rhoads, Associate Director, Soul Formation
We're told by our culture that life begins when our dreams are met and our lives are laid out. Christ tells us life begins when we tap into his dream and our lives are laid down. Rob and his team are the kind of experienced mentors who can usher people past that threshold.
John Hayes, Founder of InnerCHANGE
Rob is hands down the best visionary I have ever worked with.
Amy Wilson-Roberts, NieuCommunities Site Director
I have seen first hand how their wisdom, experience and insights have taken people and their passion for missional ministry to a whole new place. Their coaching and alongside encouragement are the best I've seen from those resourcing the Church today.
Terry Walling, Leader Breakthru
When I was asked to lead an international community and then the transition of that community to national leadership, I really had no idea what I was up against.  Luckily the Thresholds' guys had years of experience in this and walked alongside me. Today, we have an entire community of gifted South African leaders ready to take the leadership reins.
Joe Reed, NieuCommunities Site Director