Soulful coaching and spiritual direction

We all need companions as we navigate our way through the challenges and opportunities we encounter and personal guidance as we lean into the dreams God has for us.

The journey of our life and leadership often looks more like an unmarked trail through the untamed wild than a stroll down a well-traveled road. The future is unknown, the possibilities are endless, the obstacles are thick, and the risks are high. Though we may have travelled far and accomplished much, the inevitability of resistance and failure along the way can leave us beaten, bruised and sometimes all alone on the quest towards our hopes and dreams.

Thresholds coaches and spiritual directors are all certified and experienced trail guides and trustworthy companions on the journey of soulful leadership formation.

Coaching or Spiritual Direction?

If your primary desire is to work through an upcoming decision or challenge, explore possibilities and obstacles, identify tangible goals and to successfully act on them, then coaching is what you need. We draw from a wealth of coaching wisdom and all of our coaches are trained and certified in the IDEA professional coaching model.

If your primary desire is to tend to your soul, to see where God has been present in your life and to discern what God is inviting you to explore, then spiritual direction is what you need. Our certified spiritual directors are seasoned and sensitive guides who have accompanied people around the world into deeper communion with God.

And if you sense you need both coaching and spiritual direction, we can customize any of our packages to offer you an integrated combination of coaching and direction. Our team can help you discern who would be the best fit for you and what might be the best mix of coaching and spiritual direction. Just reach out to any of our team below and we’ll explore the possibilities with you.

Thresholds Coaches

Rob Yackley

Amber Ayers

Eric Purcell

Thresholds Spiritual Directors

Laurie Yackley

Chris Kamalski

Though all of our coaching and spiritual direction offerings are fully customizable and our prices may be adjusted according to need, these are our four core coaching packages:


Initial Consultation

30-minute introduction call
A taste of our coaching


Motion Package

3 sessions
50 minutes each


Momentum Package

6 sessions
50 minutes each


Companion Package

12 sessions
50 minutes each