Step across the ragged edge of conventionality and into your deep longing to live, lead, and create community as you follow God in the way of Jesus

“I’m a big fan of Thresholds! Their work is not just based on reading or research into the missional paradigm; it is the fruit of 15 years of radical incarnation and neighborhood transformation. They are the folks to teach you deep, practical, sustainable postures for engaging your neighborhood missionally. Join them!” 

–Michael Frost

Clarify Your Pathway

Explore ways to personally connect, grow, and participate in the missional movement through a complementary 30-minute coaching call.

Live an Integrated Life

Step into a space of discovery as you lean into your story, deepen your self-awareness and calling, and discover new ways to live, love, and lead in the ways of Jesus.

Create a Community

Learn how to inhabit the place you live and cultivate a community of faith committed to presence, hospitality, reconciliation, and transformation.

What Can the New Monasticism Learn from the Old Monasticism

One of our valued mentors talks about the relationship between ancient communities and the ones being formed today. Dr. Charles Ringma...
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Everyday Peace

Catherine Hanna wrote this spoken word poem following a recent trip to Palestine and Israel with The Global Immersion Project: channa_EverydayPeace.  You can follow her creative work...
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A Theology from Below

Jon Huckins reviews Dan White's new book on rootedness in the church.       [View review]
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Creating a Coaching Culture

Amber Ayers dives into what coaching is NOT, so we can better understand what it is.         [View blog]
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