Step across the ragged edge of conventionality and reimagine how to live, love, and lead in the way of Jesus

Thresholds is a community of coaches and guides who help people unearth their deep longings and discover new ways to live out their faith and cultivate spiritual community.

Our coaching, spiritual direction, and teaching have been shaped by decades of on-the-ground experience in diverse settings across the world. We have accompanied thousands of people who have stepped out of the confines and comfort of what they have always known and into a sacred and sometimes scary spiritual wilderness.  Each of us has stepped across that threshold and into a new way of living out our faith and we’ve given our lives to help others navigate their way through the shifting tides of culture to cultivate a refreshed faith and life-fueling community.

I’m a big fan of Thresholds. Their leadership is not just based on reading or research; it is the fruit of 20 years of radical incarnation and neighborhood transformation. Join them!

Michael Frost

The Thresholds cohort was a magical and miraculous experience of commiseration, celebration, and participation with the Divine. Their guidance was wise and life-giving without being prescriptive, and the cadre of fellow Jesus-chasers stirred my heart and will be lifelong friends. The experience was a loud declaration that I am not alone on this crazy journey!

Kindra Green-Carson

Thresholds cohorts and workshops are about concrete practices and Spirit-led learning that sinks deep into your bones and transforms your life and leadership. Expect the wisest bleeding-edge coaching from leaders who have refined and practiced their craft for decades in real-life contexts.

Paul Sparks