Amber Ayers

I’m a Jesus-following coach with a leadership strategy to help people envision and embody a hope-filled future – a future in which their unique gifts are mobilized for the flourishing of their surrounding communities.  As a coach, I can help you discover your sweet spot through leadership development, personal discovery and team building, using powerful tools such as the Enneagram personality profile, CliftonStrengths® and values clarification exercises. I find great joy in helping people get unstuck and move forward with renewed energy in life and work. With a coaching posture that has a forward lean, I will help you envision a future that doesn’t currently exist and influence the way you and your team thinks, works and relates.

In my sweet spot, I use strategic intuition to recognize obstacles and issues. Then I craft powerful questions to guide clients towards the most effective solution. Because my coaching has a forward lean, I often envision a future that doesn’t currently exist and influence the way people think, work and relate. I look forward to peering over the horizon with you!

With over a decade in service and support professions, my background includes participation on multiple senior leadership teams, pastoral care, frequent public speaking engagements and workshop experiences, international work in diverse environments and extensive experience in one-on-one and group direction.