Eric Purcell

Eric Purcell’s passion is to connect people to the good they are made to do in the world!  He’s an entrepreneur, community leader and coach. In each of these arenas his deepest desire is to help people live fully connected to themselves, to God and to their vocation. Eric is the director of Gifford Park Soccer Camp, co-owner of Myrtle & Cypress Coffeehouse, and leads Rooted Way-a prophetic community committed to embodying Christ’s presence in the Gifford Park neighborhood in Omaha, NE. Eric followed in his pastor and missionary parent’s footsteps and has served in full time ministry for 18 years as a pastor and missionary. Eric graduated from Midland Lutheran College in 2003 and holds a Master’s degree in Theology from Creighton University. Along with his wife Lisa and three children, Norah, Brennen and Lachlan, Eric lives and ministers in the Gifford Park neighborhood in Omaha, Nebraska. 

Coaching Focus:

Discovering, Refining and Stewarding Vocation
Navigating Transition

I am also a Leader Breakthru approved coach and—utilizing Leader Breakthru resources—I coach leaders through each of these developmental experiences:

TRAC: Helping Christ-followers clarify where they are in their development
TRANSITION: Helping you survive and get all you can out of your in-between moment
CALLING: Clarifying life direction and the values that guide you
CONTRIBUTION: Discovering your unique influence
CONVERGENCE: Helping you to run the race so as to finish well

Thresholds Workshops:

Life Compass
Enneagram Edge
Better Together
Cultivating Faithful Presence in the Neighborhood