Rob Yackley

Before creating Thresholds, I was the lead architect and director of NieuCommunities, a collective of mentoring communities sprinkled around the world to shape a new generation of leaders. I have helped birth and lead communities in over a dozen countries and have mentored leaders in diverse cultural settings across the globe.

I co-created and currently lead a neighborhood-based faith community in Golden Hill, an eclectic little neighborhood in downtown San Diego where multiple cultures intersect and seek to find strength and harmony in their diversity. This faith community–though far from perfect–has become an equipping hub and a hope-filled sacrament of a new way of being church.

As a certified coach with over 30 years of experience working across diverse cultures and religious traditions, I am comfortable coaching leaders and churches through a variety of challenges and into your God-given purpose. But as an apostolic leader, I am particularly drawn to help people who want to reimagine who they have been formed to be and who want to boldly co-create new expressions of church. In that pursuit I and my team create cohorts of dreamers like you to inspire and equip one another to move beyond what we know and to confidently move with the Spirit into the unknown wild.

I am also a Leader Breakthru approved coach and—utilizing Leader Breakthru resources—I coach leaders through each of these developmental experiences:

TRAC: Helping Christ-followers clarify where they are in their development
TRANSITION: Helping you survive and get all you can out of your in-between moment
CALLING: Clarifying life direction and the values that guide you
CONTRIBUTION: Discovering your unique influence
CONVERGENCE: Helping you to run the race so as to finish well

I am the husband of 1 amazing wife, the father of 3 awesome kids (plus 3 more by marriage), a doting grandfather, and a God-follower in the way of Jesus. I have a Masters of Leadership and Theology from Talbot Seminary and co-authored the book, Thin Places, which tells the story of some of the communities I have helped create and shape.